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Dried Flowers Online Course:
Dehydration Techniques and Arrangement Production

Thinking about the difficulties we faced there at the beginning of our floristry, we created this course on dried flowers  with everything we've learned and experienced over time, to share everything with you in a very didactic way!

Learn how to make a bouquet and arrangement with dried flowers that you dried yourself at home.

This course is divided into 2 modules, where the first one teaches basic techniques for creating arrangements and drying flowers at home, in the second module we present other techniques and professional information for those who want to work with dried flowers.

Module 1: basic

In this first module there are 4 recorded video classes teaching step by step how to make a bouquet and 3 different styles of vase arrangements.


Learn how to make an arrangement with dried flowers that you will be able to dehydrate yourself at home. You will learn, step by step, how to dehydrate flowers and foliage in 06 different ways.


The techniques that we will teach are simple and do not need special materials and equipment. With the things you already have at home, you can start getting your hands dirty, without having to have any experience with flowers.  


Learn how to make a bouquet and arrangement with dried flowers

What is included in the First Module:  


+ 4 recorded video lessons;

+ Practical guide teaching how to dry flowers with 6 dehydration techniques.

+ Catalog with 153 species of plants that can be dehydrated, with a photo, scientific and popular name and an indication of the drying technique for each of the flowers;


BRL 497.00 in cash or up to 12 installments of BRL 49.60 on the card

Practical Guide with the 6 Most Effective Techniques for Dehydrating Flowers and Foliage: 

Capa ebook_jpeg.jpg
Logo 200x100 png.png

1. Outdoor Drying Technique: the technique we use most in the flower studio.


2. Water Drying Technique: Little-known technique that we have discovered

with practice which plants can dry out and look beautiful.  


3. Drying Technique In Conventional Oven: It can be electric or gas.  


4. Drying Technique With Silica Gel in the Microwave: the fastest way to dehydrate the flowers.  


5. Drying Technique in the Special Press: we will teach you how to make one. Ideal for those who want to dry large quantities and like to make pictures, cards and other decorative items.  


6. Paper Press Drying Technique. A very simple and practical way.



Catalog with photo, the scientific and popular name of 153 species of plants that can be dehydrated.


We list the drying techniques  indicated for each of the flowers and foliage in the catalogue;

000 print tabela.jpg


- List with suppliers of dried flowers, which deliver all over Brazil. 


Com este curso você irá aprender:

  • Buquê de flores secas

  • Arranjo simples em vaso pequeno

  • Arranjo para centro de mesa

  • Arranjo de canto

  • Arranjo em tons terrosos

  • Arranjo só com folhagens monocromático

  • As vantagens e desvantagens entre as técnicas na tela de pintinho e trama de durex

  • Os tipos de vasos mais adequados para essas 2 técnicas

  • Como mensurar o tamanho de um arranjo de acordo com o tamanho do vaso

  • Como se diferenciar e definir seu estilo

  • Criar acervo de vasos

  • Colocar preços nos seus arranjos e vasos

  • Transportar suas encomendas de forma segura e prática

Acesse o curso quantas vezes quiser durante 1 ano.

Inscreva-se no curso mais completo de flores secas do Brasil


Na consultoria você vai tirar todas as suas dúvidas e receber dicas de harmonização das flores e cores para os seus arranjos de flores secas com a artista plástica Roberta Tassinari. Ulisses irá esclarecer suas dúvidas sobre as técnicas de desidratação das flores.

Investimento:  R$ 570,00 à vista ou em 12 x R$ 56,89 no cartão de crédito

Who is the course Dry Flowers Online Course for: Dehydration Techniques and Arrangements - Module 1 and 2

A lot of people are asking us, “Is this course for me?” “I have no experience with flowers, will I be able to apply what is taught in this course?”

So I explain that this course is for you who:

- She is passionate about flowers and wants to learn all the secrets of the plant dehydration process to do it simply and at home.  

- Want to learn how to create your own arrangements, with your favorite flowers or discover new flowers.

- Want to start working with dried flower arrangement sale.


- Search for information about which plants can be dehydrated and which technique is most appropriate.  

-  Want to buy already dehydrated flowers and don't know where to find them.  

If you fit one of the profiles described above, this course is for you.  

This is the most complete and didactic course on the market! 



Flori Estúdio de Flores was born from the childhood dream of plastic artist Roberta Tassinari. After taking some courses with the best florists in Brazil, Roberta decides to open a flower studio with her partner Ulisses Souza.​ The colors are one of the great differentials of the work produced by Roberta, who brought her experience of more than 12 years working with different chromatic mixtures. 

Ulisses Souza has a degree in administration and has been working with event production since 2008. At flori, in addition to taking care of the administrative and financial aspects of the flower studio, he is responsible for customer service. Passionate about the universe of dried flowers since the beginning of Flori, he researches and studies a lot all the processes of dehydration of existing flowers and foliage.




Yes! you buy the  Dried Flowers Online Course  now, attend all classes for the next 7 days and if you are not completely satisfied with what you will learn in the course, with the format of the classes or if you simply think that the course is not for you, just send an email requesting your money from come back and we'll refund you right away.



Arranjos de flores

Amanda Rodrigues Marinone

I marathoned the course on launch day on Sunday afternoon.

I really liked the content. It was practical in the right measure, without tangling, very light and complete!

I love your teaching!

Congratulations on your commitment, for passing on all this rich knowledge!

You are my great inspirers.

The written material was also super helpful! I've read everything lol

And now once again thank you for the excellent conversation! A true mentorship!

Rosaria Maria Mendes Lemes Lobo

Love it! What a wonderful result! You explain in a very calm and didactic way, Roberta.

Hadina Horbilon

“I am very grateful to Roberta and Ulisses from Flori Estúdio de Flores, for sharing all the knowledge and experience about dried flowers in their course!

It certainly exceeded my expectations with so much information.

Flori Estúdio de Flores is my great inspiration for my arrangement creations! Thanks."


“Roberta and Ulisses are to be congratulated!

The course really is super complete, both with theoretical and practical basis.

I had already researched some techniques to dehydrate plants and found little basement.

Practice is everything! I've been trying in many ways and you guys made it much easier, passing on your experience! Grateful"

  • Is the course online?
    Yes, the course is 100% online.
  • Can you access the course on your cell phone, without internet access - offline?"
    Yes, the course is hosted on the Hotmart platform that provides the Hotmart Sparkle app so you can watch the course wherever and as many times as you want even without internet access.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    Access to the course is lifetime and you can watch it as many times as you want.
  • When can I schedule the consultation?
    The consultation can be scheduled whenever you want, it is only important that you have completed the entire course. The consultancy has no expiration date and does not expire.
  • After taking the course, will I be able to dry off and do my arrangements by myself?
    A: Yes, after completing the course you will master all drying techniques and learn to decorate your home with your own arrangements.
  • Will I be able to apply the course even though I have no experience with flowers?
    Yes. The classes and course material were designed with a lot of didactics and even those who have no experience with flowers will be able to apply everything we teach in the course.
  • Will I be able to dry the flowers at home?
    Yes, with the tips and guidelines we've given you, you'll be able to dry your flowers at home without any problems, you don't need any hard-to-find material to apply all the drying techniques we teach you.
  • I want to start working on dried flower arrangements, is this course for me?"
    Of course, after completing the course you are ready to start selling your dried flower arrangements.
  • How long does the Black Friday sale last?
    Promotion is valid until Sunday, December 6th at midnight.
  • What are the forms of payment?
    You can pay for the course via bank slip, credit card, PayPal and Bank Debit.
  • Can I pay the course in up to how many installments?
    You can pay in up to 8 installments on your credit card.
  • I'm outside Brazil, can I buy the course?"
    Yes, the Hotmart platform accepts card payments from outside Brazil.
  • If I don't like the course, can I ask for my money back?
    Yes, you have up to 7 days to try the course, if you don't like it, we'll refund your money.
  • I would like to order dried flowers, do you contact dried flower suppliers?"
    In the course we offer a list of suppliers that ship dried flowers to all cities in Brazil.
  • Does the course issue a certificate?
    A: Yes, upon completing the course you will have access to the certificate.
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